July 25, 2016

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Unknown said...

In a nutshell.

Luis Vega said...

This great comic page in spanish, tried my best. Sorry.(Esta historieta en español aquí:)

tozo said...

thanks Luis!

mike said...

What a beautiful piece. I have a PhD in electrical engineering and now I am an associate professor. I always wanted to be a comicbook artist. I understood the difficulty of making money in comics industry early on and dropped my pen for good. But that fire still burns never leaves. You want to draw comics all the time... I think there are tons of people out there like me.

tozo said...

Thanks Mike for digging this one up and commenting!

(I wonder if notifications still work to see this reply)

There are definitely people like you, and some do more work than actual comics professionals. Someone I know in Croatia is a physicist, but they made first some short stories, then several personal graphic novels, drawn fairly loosely, but very successfully, very impactful books.
While every pro I meet always has some excuse to not make personal work ("too busy drawing this or that"), this person has done so much in their spare time. I admire that a great deal. And it was work informed by a lot of actual life experience, which can sometimes be missing.

I hope you do tend to that fire, however small. The results can be great and always rewarding.

thanks again for writing!