October 15, 2009

100 (whee)

so it's been a hundred weeks! too tired at the moment to feel particularly festive; maybe in a few weeks, when it's two full years? below are all of them so far, not clickable, but soon available on the website (when it's done- couple of weeks, i'd say). highlights? the president asked if he could have his portrait- that's not bad, i'd say =)

p.s. 100 consecutive thursdays! well, i actually did miss one-- greetings go to the crabby employee of air france which made us miss the flight this june! thanks for ruining my track record!

October 06, 2009

so, yeah

-i've finished drawing marvel divas. it's been quite an experience, with the hottest summer ever, and the shortening deadlines, but it's there. the longest thing so far. a lot was learned about a lot of things, and who knows what's next.
well, port silver. and a few things. but after that, who knows!