August 28, 2014

The Last Tycoon

I don't think I ever posted this one, either. Last year's cover for "The Last Tycoon." Was happy that the type treatment was accepted, though I didn't see the printed book. Parts of this one were done in Manga Studio - the palm trees and the linework on the guy.

August 27, 2014

August 06, 2014

number five : black and white

The last issue of Get the Lobster is out next wednesday, and a color preview has popped up, so here's a few of the pages in black and white:

August 02, 2014

too many light sources

a few bits from this week's life drawing. the model was in a cosplay outfit, which made quick watercolors a good choice for getting the big shapes down. these were all pretty fast and sloppy - 10-20 minutes each - but it was still a lot of fun.

July 23, 2014


I made this animatic while working on the cover for Zero #9, which is out today. The final cover was put together by Tom Müller:

July 15, 2014

familiar places, in black and white

 a few black and white bits from Zero #9 - I expect a color preview, with colors by Jordie Bellaire, will pop up sometime soon.

June 03, 2014

out tomorrow - number four

This one was delayed because of the move overseas, but it's the most packed and crazy issue so far, except maybe the next one - hope you like it! Here's the cover process:

April 02, 2014

March 23, 2014


(click for a bigger version)
Stacking up nicely with last year's Abe, here's Hellboy, done for Multiversity's "31 days of Hellboy". Just like last year, they're running a competition that you should check out, if you draw. And surprisingly, as with Abe, I'm happy with how this one turned out. Let's see how it goes next year...

March 19, 2014

March 22 - Hellboy Day

To celebrate the first twenty years of Hellboy, Dark Horse has organized a bunch of events on March 22, at stores around the world -- full list hereI'll be signing in Toronto, at The Beguiling, so come say hello!

February 21, 2014

February 03, 2014

Get the Lobster #1

Get the Lobster #1 is out this Wednesday! Here's the link to a color preview, and below are a couple of black and whites. Hope you pick it up-- this one is way crazier than anything so far.