February 13, 2010

February 11, 2010


still drawing stuff i can't post so here's something i drew before superman:

it's probably the oldest comic page i have- from 7th grade (maybe?). no books on drawing, no internet, just a fountain pen, straight, over panel borders printed in microsoft word. i wasn't one of the kids who drew entire episodes of things in their biology notebooks, so this page, with maybe a few scattered other ones, is about it until...2004?

February 06, 2010

ever upward

well, enough time has passed (year and a half), so here's the story i did for Popgun 3, in its entirety. documentary near-haiku comics! hopefully there'll be a chance to do more of these soon.

February 03, 2010

zig zag

first some pop references: this guy is a slight reference to Maruo from 20th century boys, because why not? a lot of pages of this to draw, catch up, fun, fun, insanity, fun! here's also a cover i finally finished yesterday:

still up

finishing up colors at 6 in the morning. tired and nearly blind, laughing to an infinite george carlin playlist.