March 21, 2013


an Abe Sapien piece I did for "31 Days of Abe". (If you draw, you should really consider entering the competition they're running- there's still some time left) Very happy with how this one turned out.

March 15, 2013

excerpt, page 282

(Sketchbook nonsense-- but. When you're doodling, it's always a good idea to leave some room for copy. You think you're trying out a pen, but now this Bill guy exists, and the other guy, and things are happening.)

March 08, 2013

grumpy hellboy

A grumpy Hellboy from one of the previous sketchbooks; last drawing of 2012. If I remember right, it was just doodling straight in pen, trying it out, and I liked how it turned out, so I colored it -- without realizing I'd used the exact palette of the Strange Places collection (an obviously great palette by Dave Stewart). So, here's a purple one instead.

March 04, 2013


A variant cover that I did a little while ago -- for Orphans #1, out this Wednesday.