September 24, 2014

D3 printing

I've just put up D3 as a small print over at INPRNT. Check it out, and have in mind that they often offer free worldwide shipping, too. I'm ordering a bunch for myself to lug to future cons, so that's another option. And in case you want to carry it around with you all day, it's also available as a pretty good looking phone case:

September 05, 2014

More from the sketchbook

..the tiny one. Adventures of my wife, part 9000. Strangely, but swearing at the bee did not make it go away. I got the report of this through a single text, and had to draw it.

September 02, 2014

World Art Drop Day

Today is the first world-wide art drop and I am participating, in the true spirit of comics: making strangers happy. I will be posting the clues on my twitter account - @tozozozo. (this is in Toronto, but there may be enough time to catch a plane still)