December 29, 2009

the cat, again

trying out the 'good pentel brushpen', the one craig thompson uses- quite nice for drawing the cat. but it's always fun drawing the cat

December 20, 2009

wonder winterland

more sketchbook nonsense comics, hence the illegibility. if anyone wants to translate, be my guest.

sala da pranzo

couldn't fall asleep and i had a 03 marker and a pad near the bed so i doodled a bit. then read some instructions on how to skin a deer, fell asleep and dreamt nice things.

December 17, 2009

December 15, 2009


little cover thumbnails- i guess i can post these but i'm not sure i can talk about them.

December 13, 2009


(repost, 27% larger, also larger than original at this point)

tech note

for those not visiting the blog from some kind of a reader program, you'll notice the slight layout change- the images will now be a bit larger (470px -> 600px) and a few other minor things. those with reader programs will just notice the larger pictures!

December 09, 2009

December 07, 2009

book cover... 11?

since i don't want to put up any of port silver, it'll be random tidbits until next week-- by then i'll start on the next marvel thing and maybe that'll provide some interesting stuff. today, cover sketches for another book. the lower two were approved.

December 06, 2009

what a break looks like:

this stack covers the last month and a half, maybe two. about... 170 cm high. need more shelves in this place!