October 15, 2009

100 (whee)

so it's been a hundred weeks! too tired at the moment to feel particularly festive; maybe in a few weeks, when it's two full years? below are all of them so far, not clickable, but soon available on the website (when it's done- couple of weeks, i'd say). highlights? the president asked if he could have his portrait- that's not bad, i'd say =)

p.s. 100 consecutive thursdays! well, i actually did miss one-- greetings go to the crabby employee of air france which made us miss the flight this june! thanks for ruining my track record!


dzuka said...

fuck, this looks impressive!!!
and it's interesting to see the development of the style.
shooker and shex (in second row,second and third from the right)
look like photos.
it's particularly interesting with people that were portrayed twice. i counted four of them, for now.
so, how did it ended up with president?

florent said...

very nicy-inspiring-crazy stuff, as usual =] i m pretty happy how things are for you now. your line and drawing are simple and efficient, you may be good after all :).

Néstor Taylor said...

Desde Argentina, quiero felicitarte por tus imagenes en el blog, tienes un manejo del dibujo ralmente con mucho encanto y soltura.
Tu blog lo decubrimos en le dia de ayer con un amigo y nos gusto mucho.
Te dejo mis saludos.

Killah Mate said...

Good stuff, man. Congratz. Also the portraits totally get more comic-booky as you go on :-)

Big fan of the coloring on the 29-40 pics, BTW. The later stuff is more realistic, too serious for me ;-) How much attention do you pay to skin tan?

miljenko said...

I congratulate you on achieving this important milestone.

Otanocnaz said...

I love all of them, you really get the most out of each line, reminds me of sickles pencils.

dzuka said...


Filip said...

A što s ti stao s postanjem?

Matthew Forsythe said...

amazing. some of those are photorealistic when shrunk down to thumbnails.

Link to the prez's pic! i can't find it in the mob.


Movieboards said...

Congrats! This is really impressive- nicely done.

tonci said...

thanks everyone!

matt- http://lungbug.blogspot.com/2008/09/cette-semaine.html is the president one