January 28, 2015

main guy on the cover

Since Zero #14 is out, I can finally show this cover that I've been sitting on for nearly two years (click for a slightly bigger picture) --

I still like it, which is a rare case. Maybe it's my favorite, even. I remember being sick to my stomach of drawing another picture of the main guy standing, and really wanted to find any other way of including him on the cover. Luckily, the plot of the issue provided a direction. I ended up drawing a different issue, so this one was drawn by Marek Oleksicki, who did a really great job.

There were also labels for things, which didn't make it to the final cover, but they help explain some objects -- particularly the circle in the middle.


Yiako said...

Insane man, great idea. In the technical side: is it digital?

tozo said...

thanks yiako! the sketch was digital, because there were so many things to arrange, then i did the pencil and ink drawing as usual. tone was digital again, in manga studio.