October 02, 2014

Four dudes rob a bank

Forget clown masks, Nixon masks, all that - do this and you will never be caught.


def_sanchez said...

haha, this is really cool man. Its always great to see you post one pages story's like this.

Antti Ruuhijärvi said...

I saw this the other day after a shitty day at school, and my worries just faded away. So awesome. The page feels intelligent and "mature" compared to a lot of (concept) art that I see on a daily basis.

By the way, is there some Naoki Urasawa influence here by any chance? For some reason I get a similar vibe from this and 20th Century Boys. Might also be because of the faceless mannequin, dunno :)

tozo said...

Thanks Def! Will try to do more.

Antti: thanks! Happy to have made your worries go away. That's about as much as comics can do. I don't know about a specific Urasawa influence on this one, but I have read thousands of his pages, and 20th Century Boys is probably my favorite comic of all time, so I suppose it's all somewhere in the back of my mind as I'm working

And comparing it with concept art, well they're two different things. I can't do concept art anymore because I need the story!

Tihomir Tikulin - Tico said...

Ja bi ovo žico za Strip reviju. Za slijedeći broj. Javim ti se mailom.