June 01, 2011

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Vic Malhotra said...

Excellent! Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow!


KOMUS said...

napokon novi post! :)
volim kada se vidi proces dolaska do finalnog "proizvoda". tada nešto i naučim...

Otanocnaz said...

awesome, reckon you could post some more rough stuff when you've finished with WIJE? I'd be interested to see some of your thumbs for scenes that you didn't use.

also, think you'll get another chance to do another commentary like the one on CBR for some of your favourite scenes? that was a really insightful interview.


azhar said...

love to see the process..

may i know, what type of tools do you use for inking?

2nd..how do you change the color look into pastel blur retro look?

hope you can enlighten me sir.


tozo said...

TZA - i'll try to post more; some of it should make it to the trade paperback as well. the commentary was fun to do, glad you liked it. might do more of it at some point in the future... don't want to overexplain it though!

azhar - on this, it's a rotring tikky 0.4 and 0.5 markers. nothing fancy. the thicker lines are either zebra brushpens or a brush. the colors in step four are just to separate the areas which are then colored into their real colors in step five. it's a timesaving device: an assistant can do it for you. what you refer to as the pastel blur look is just using a rough transparent brush freely to paint over the linework and the color layers underneath. hope it helps-- cheers

azhar said...

thank you sir..

love the explanation..
meaning that the thin line is marker pen..thicker line is brush pen & brush..

i am using zebra brush pen & brush too..
woo hoo..a step done to be good as you sir.

ahh rough transparent brush on the linework...lovely..will try that..
cant wait for Jack Ellis tpb.

hope to be as good as you one day sir