March 26, 2010

dot com up and running, finally. a lot of the stuff was posted on the blog, but there's a solid amount of unseen stuff, presented in much more organized manner. click the image to jump there:

it's a running version, but not final- content will be added as i go, and if you notice any strange behavior or errors, please let me know. hope you enjoy rummaging!

p.s. all this has no effect on the blog- posting will continue as before.


marco's blog said...

just amazing work man!

Daniel.Z said...

Looks great, dude.

Sven said...

hi tonci,

recently stumbled upon your blog. i do remember your stuff from years ago - you have come a long way since then, wow. love the portrait drawings!

dzuka said...

whoa, like there's not already enough great stuff on the net where i can spend hours browsing through. : )
regardless, congratulations on finally putting it up and running!

unbemerkt said...

great design - thanks for the info. i will come back!

Brad said...

When I first saw your stuff I thought to myself, "Wow, this guy looks like he's really influenced by Alex Toth." And after seeing that Hellcat character sheet, I'm convinced. :)

Great work! Love it!