January 03, 2010

so this is the new year

2009 was good, but 2010 will be even better: port silver is nearing completion (the first book anyway), and tomorrow i start drawing superman AND the 'next thing' for marvel. and that's just how it starts- after that, even more exciting things.

hope you all have a great year!


Francisco Galárraga said...

Happy new year for you as well Lungbug! keep on inspiring!

florent said...

happy new year to you ! and i hope you will stay as busy than you seemed to be this previous year ! :)

tonci said...

thanks francisco! glad you find it inspiring, it means a lot.

florent, thank you too- this year already seems busier than the last one! there'll be a LOT of stuff =)

Skicoslav said...

Sve najbolje Tonči! Jako lijepi kadrovi!