December 29, 2009

the cat, again

trying out the 'good pentel brushpen', the one craig thompson uses- quite nice for drawing the cat. but it's always fun drawing the cat


zanzan said...

I love these pens, recently got 8 of them for £10 on ebay! think I might start cutting some of them up, see what kind of lines i can get.

tonci said...

never thought about looking for them on ebay! let me know what results you get- i find it still versatile enough, but i've recently mutilated some fat felt-tip markers and got interesting results...

Daniel.Z said...

Hi tonci

You must've been through many different pens and inks.
Would you please consider writing a small review, or perhaps a list of recommended products?


tonci said...

well, i did try out different ones, but i'm not sure i'm the best person to review them- there are blogs covering exclusively that and they're probably more thorough.

what i can say sums up to basically three things- buy two of everything (when you find a new kind of pen or anything), don't save money on brushes, and ultimately, any tool is good if you put some time into it- even a ballpoint pen has produced some masters


mcn said...

E, baš sam se nekidan pitao je li mačka još živa ...:)