February 11, 2010


still drawing stuff i can't post so here's something i drew before superman:

it's probably the oldest comic page i have- from 7th grade (maybe?). no books on drawing, no internet, just a fountain pen, straight, over panel borders printed in microsoft word. i wasn't one of the kids who drew entire episodes of things in their biology notebooks, so this page, with maybe a few scattered other ones, is about it until...2004?


Anonymous said...

Hvala za brush pen!

Anonymous said...

'no books on drawing'
moze top5?
ili 10?
ima ih u pdf negdje za ufatit?

Skicoslav said...

Divno je vidjeti ove retro stavri i ogroman napredak od tada!

Killah Mate said...

Jesus Christ man, ne pokazuj to nikome!