January 03, 2015


(since i've been asked about it, it's available as a print here)


def_sanchez said...

Awesome first post for the year. With a very true Statement. Great work. Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

feminists are asking why you didin't draw any female comic artists on this art?

tozo said...

thanks, def! go comics =)

anonymous: what's wrong with the woman in panel three? i'm not sure these are feminists asking, because i would hope their definition of women includes short hair and hoodies. these are people playing "pin the agenda". there is no agenda.

it's easy to tear down comics (and everything else) when you forget there's people behind the work, so i did a drawing of four different cartoonists, to show that no matter who it is, what the environment, influences, hopes, dreams, approach, style, etc. are, we're all doing comics. there's no "us vs. them", just us. i felt connected to everybody who draws, and thought of doing the card. it was an overwhelming feeling of love. so: "love all comics." simple. maybe sentimental, or mawkish, maybe impossible. but nobody loses anything by trying to love all comics.

regardless of what you see or don't see in the pictures, the willingness to take a message of "love all comics" and twist into "hate whoever isn't in the picture" or "love all comics but hate the people who make them" is downright depressing, and exactly the opposite of the sentiment expressed.

Gabrielle Dimaranan said...

Hello, I saw this on my newsfeed when it was shared by someone on FB https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152678216250683&set=a.471436790682.253458.563975682&type=1&pnref=story

I really find your work amazing. Thank you sir so much, because this four images is just powerful enough for me to start what I've been afraid of doing for a long time. You're very inspiring! Again many thanks <3 :D

tozo said...

very happy to hear that, gabrielle! this is the best. thank you.
the fear is familiar and never goes away completely, but with time it turns from an impassable boulder blocking your way to a just pebble stuck in your shoe.

Hailey said...

It's 2019 and I've just seen this piece of your work for the first time!
I really love it, it's exactly what I needed to see at this moment in my life, as an artist. Thank you so much for taking the time to pull this out of your brain and put it out into the world for everyone to share dude~