December 04, 2011

site update

the main site, , has been updated with some new stuff and a slightly tidier look-- while i can't predict how it'll work on your iphone/ipad/new thing,  it should look pretty good on your computer. hope you like!


Rob said...

wow...really nice. Slick (I wish I thought of it)

I also recently found your Tumblr account. It's nice to see work that you enjoy and also read inspiring words and tips on creating.

All the best, Rob

Serch said...

lungbug, i have your blogspot in the tool bar, there, linked. I like your drawings, your pencils.
I got some drawings in my blogspot too.
but yours have that freshness.

Who the fuck is Tico? said...

Dobar mi je!
Aj lajk!

Roberto Zaghi said...

bought Jake Ellis, sooo many great pages! congtatulations Tonci.

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

M A G N I F I C E N T !