August 06, 2009



mcn said...

U, skoro pa sliči!

(kaeto, kratica za crtani romani?)

Škrky said...

Ja zapravo nemam komentar, ali moram neš napisat jer mi je za verifikejšn ponuđena BUTRA :D


Matt Hunter Ross said...

nice rendering!

Tom said...

Tonci, you have a nice feeling for line on the large head drawings. Don't care much for the flat computer generated color, though. Since you are very familiar with Austin Briggs work, check out his compositions and arrangement of figures. They are not scattered all over the place. They are carefully and effectively designed to lead the eye with a fluid rhythmic flow. Confuse the eye, and you confuse the brain. :-)


tonci said...

tom: well, there's time and place for everything- to put it simply, i can't actually afford to be briggs on these. or, on most of them. sometimes i can invest more time, sometimes not. there is a number of requirements and limitations that may not be obvious to an observer - such as severe limitations of the range of colors, as well as arbitrary editorial directions such as "no backgrounds", and many more.

also, it's a weekly assignment, the deadline is always one day- regardless of other work. that'll make for some variations as well, if you have ten other things, or if you're ill. regarding the flat colors, keep in mind one important thing: these appear on newsprint- it looks different. people seem to comment on these without any thought given to these important production factors.

briggs is indeed incredible- one can only hope to attain a fraction of his skill!


Tom said...

Tonci, your comments are well taken, and limitations and unreal deadlines are the illustrator's worst enemy. I agree there is only one Austin Briggs, and he was amazing. Briggs, Sicles and Fawcett are great teachers.. without saying a word.
I enjoy your blog. :-)