July 30, 2009

reflected red


TZA said...

very interesting what light does to objects, i need to be more observant to see these things. there's always something very charming about old architecture like this.

I was looking through the depths of your blog and I was wondering if you had a larger version of this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BQ5sOk8d6fo/SS0tLY0QldI/AAAAAAAACB4/IRWctH-bvos/s1600-h/color.jpg

or if you know where i could buy it?

tonci said...

yep, light is an endless source of inspiration. watercolors are also very suited to this kind of subject.

the story you mention was for Popgun 3, an anthology (http://www.popguncomics.com/). not sure what the policy is about posting entire stories so i limited it to that thumbnail. it's only 6 pages so you can probably read it at a store, if it's not shrink-wrapped =)