June 10, 2009

issue one

...in the can. that makes 23/96(?). off to paris on friday. crazy times!

above: color guide, below: inked page. missing: a whole lot of text balloons (the whole bottom quarter of panel two, for an example).

below: original layout(ish) page (with copy placement)


Killah Mate said...

Paris? Ooo.

Dillon said...

Nice touch with the Lichtenstein, was that in the script? And a great page on the whole... with really nice hands too... you're very good at hands.

tonci said...

g: it was in the script, but the pic itself was borrowed from two different pics of his, and the text i wrote in- seemed appropriate =D
and thanks!

tomnel said...


Skicoslav said...

THAT is a color guide!
Pošaljite najtreši razglednicu i sretan put!