May 20, 2009

waiting in front of the store

...means a good chance to sketch a bit. that is, if you don't mind standing up, holding the tiny sketchbook clumsily, and being ready to stop at any moment. therefore, speed and clumsy lines. (there's more than enough clues for the detectives there-- including the file name)

p.s can't really post the comic book stuff and the heads do get boring, so i'll wait till i can really put some good panels or something.


gaudblogvrudaii said...

You had fun! :))
Looks grat!

Killah Mate said...

Hell yeah man. As far as I'm concerned you can totally go easy on the comic book stuff, I'm gonna read that anyway; I'm more interested in your other work that I wouldn't get to see unless you post it here.

tonci said...

thanks for the unexpected comment- i always think people are interested only in the comics related posts =D cheers!

d: teamwork! <3