April 29, 2009


because people have been asking "you're still doing those portraits?"

April 27, 2009

dark reign - cabal

an 8-page short i penciled, inked and colored, in this well-hidden preview on comic book resources. out this wednesday!
(for the people in croatia- some of the original pages might be up on display at MaFest)

partial car park

needed some cars for the parking lot panels ...

April 17, 2009

closeups 2

this whole thing with blogger recompressing jpegs is incredibly annoying.

April 04, 2009

pencil bits

three and a half pages of pencils yesterday. simple stuff, but still. 

April 03, 2009

1000 frames

the storyboard panel count has gone over one thousand- forgot to celebrate. only discovered it today, too late, since it's up to 1082 with these from today...