May 19, 2008


first time i used a mechanical pencil to draw in the last four months.

May 13, 2008


yes, this is finally finished. only missed the deadline by two weeks... feh. but it has a couple of good bits in, i think.

May 05, 2008

May 02, 2008

malo po malo

a couple days more and it's done. most of the time my script printouts tend to get covered, front and back, with doodles and notes. not a conscious decision, and it's mostly done during the morning coffee, out in the cafe. here's a page of the script, and a couple more doodles-

May 01, 2008

drawing is good.

today's exactly six months i've been doing these portraits. still have no idea what i'm doing, but i'm certainly having fun. usually i sketch anything, and work mostly with the paint, but this one i thought i'd draw. found a white chalk in the kitchen so spruced it up a bit with it. and correction fluid, too.

in other news, immortal iron fist 14 hit the stands yesterday. the previous one seemed to split the audience regarding the art, but what else could be expected when you're a fill-in artist. this one looks a bit different-- i used a lot more black, made the panels busier, and in the end, it was inked by stefano gaudiano of daredevil and gotham central. colors by paul mounts this time.

i could draw hydra guys getting beat up in my sleep now, but in the latter pages i decided to have more fun with how they die-

can't really post pages since this is a big finale issue and pretty much anything would be a spoiler. though, you can find two pages online, if you google it.