April 20, 2008


need to change some things. no posts for a couple of weeks, maybe more.

April 11, 2008


inks by stefano gaudiano, colors by paul mounts. the pencils for this panel are somewhere in the posts below.

April 10, 2008

a start?

sending off a sketch again, no photoshop on this one. cutting down the palette as well... but- the chances are they'll fuck it up in print as usual.

April 09, 2008


for the nitpicky, a correction from yesterday- the book is a guide to fighters and bombers-- both of these are bombers.

April 08, 2008

eyes don't work

today's warmup doodle. got this book on fighter planes, and since i know nothing of them, thought i'd draw them. sure beats my usual practice of drawing random generic heads (gah) or not warming up at all and getting angry 10 minutes into the page =)

April 07, 2008


on hold, but not forgotten. i'll be drawing it again in may... will be interesting to see what changed in the meantime and what new can i bring into it.

and a boobies related doodle from the same page. trying out markers again...

April 06, 2008


i scanned this work in progress- part of the last double spread in this issue. not very impressive when scaled down, but i like it. few more days and the issue's done!

April 02, 2008


four hours of sleep, then had my wisdom tooth yanked out. what a great way to start the day. it'd almost be like a little vacation if it wasn't for the pain and bleeding and dizziness.

4 am

i don't really feel like this. just a bit tired and sleepy. and i want that sickles book to come out next week, not in june!