January 31, 2008

thuur.... sday

the sketchiest and fastest one so far. though, they did send me low-res tv captures to do it from. this time they wanted the uniform too, which i found refreshing. speed painting with real paint is quite fun! now back to other work, which is much more exciting.

January 26, 2008

port silver #5

ok, here's the first half of the story, find the rest of it in Q15! these were all meant to be in zip-a-tone, but yeah. anyway:

January 25, 2008

black and white and black

finally caught up with old stuff, now i can start new things. hopefully there'll be more comics on the blog now! still putting grays on this one, but my computer keeps pissing me off. slow piece of junk.

January 24, 2008


adding more color... i didn't paint over that sketch below, since painting these is much easier on toned ground, i.e. brown recycled paper. i'd dare to say that i've learned a bunch in these... three months? looking forward to learning more!

January 22, 2008


just got the photos for this week's portrait, so i doodled a sketch from one. this stuff gets much easier when you draw every day (duh).

p.s. anyone know of a nice place in zagreb that i could rent? finding a flat has become somewhat stressful. having a cat doesn't help at all.

January 17, 2008

thursday again

here's one without photoshop. actually, it was more like a color sketch (smaller format too, around 5x7 inches), but, like with the previous one, i decided to just punch it up a bit in photoshop and use for the final. number ten! it would be quite awesome if it lived to see fifty. or hundred. by then maybe i wouldn't just plunge in and shove paint around randomly. but i'm not complaining, these, compared to the first few color ones are big steps forward.

after finishing, i sometimes convert them to grayscale- usually i'm surprised they hold up-

January 15, 2008


of course that i'm, after writing about sleeping problems, still up at 8 am, coloring and sending off two storyboards. at least i'm not depressed like yesterday. not as happy as the kids in the boards either.

January 14, 2008

unmovable object

finally finishing this thing- oh the joys of inking five months old pencils. hard to overcome the urge to just redo everything. decided i wouldn't, i'd just ink it, and make the next one "properly". here's page two (of eight), without the grays:

got two more pages to finish, but i'll probably manage only one today, since i have three storyboards to do as well.

i don't know if it's the weather or something, but since about new year i haven't slept properly. wake up at noon (wake up sooner, but unable to move), feel beat up, get my head together, eat, and it's already five. so i've been working mostly from 6-7 pm to around 3 am. today's probably the low point, but at least i managed to get up at 9. work's going way too slow, though.

January 11, 2008


it really is like a paid exercise- you get paid to draw as fast as you can, and it's all throwaway stuff, so it won't be in print (most likely) or come back to haunt you later on. it's funny watching old storyboards compared to new ones, as they took the same amount of time:

march 2005, first one. hah.

march 2006- second storyboard. large gap between these two. luckily, after this one it's been mostly steady.

may 2007, twenty... eighth? or something.

august 2007, thirtysomething. getting the hang of it! faster pencils/ink means more time to tinker with the color, and that comes in handy when doing "real" work.

december 2007, the most detailed storyboard i did, sadly can't post pretty much any of it...

the board i did yesterday (colored in four minutes or less =)

the only downside is that i can't post everything- some nice frames are too revealing and i did sign nda contracts...

January 10, 2008

five years? ten?

a sketch from yesterday- not very good at painting from life (especially at 4 am), but learning is quite fun. will do it more often! other than that i did a bunch of storyboards-

p.s. if you're in zagreb- don't you just love it outside? it's silent hill!

January 06, 2008

sketchbook things

this retake of an old character was the last thing i did in 2007. below, a couple of things drawn on 1/1. all sketches for a future mono johnson story.