March 31, 2007


done inking! six pages finished. gotta make some corrections, and put the graytone, but not now. first gotta go eat and see the outside world. longer post later/tomorrow.

March 30, 2007

star tattoo, or "why don't you draw comics like that?"

a random drawing before bed. i think i started with the misfits head, and for the most part onward i was just drawing without thinking much. sounds bad, but can turn out surprising results. especially when the "night brush insanity" mode kicks in. i like it. tried a dozen things and worked the #3 brush a bit. pencils:

edit: since it's quite reduced on the blog, here's a closeup. you can see how working over a waxy blue pencil takes it's toll:

March 29, 2007

the whatevers

how it goes on a random crappy day- pen (forgot to scan pencils):

...brush (a lot of "sure, why not" in this part, always. like the effect on the left which will most likely be just a black fill in the final):

then erasing the pencils, whiteout stuff, and grays, maybe like this:

not a very good day today. managed only to letter the pages (poorly), ink the balloons (horribly) and ink random panels on three pages, adding up to maybe one whole page. gotta speed up tomorrow and do... four pages. that would be ok.

i really have no idea where the time went. all i can remember doing besides drawing was watching an episode of full metal alchemist, but then again, i did that while eating. whatever!

March 27, 2007

banana hands

another random doodle comic. this one's not very funny, though. for some reason i felt incredibly tired while drawing, not sure why... not sleeping all that well past few weeks, it's probably that.

meh. not good.

comics, not sketches

this episode is an experiment, and it's going exactly as i hoped it would. also, still on schedule. pencils should be done tomorrow (did pages 3 and 4 today), which leaves me three, three and a half days to ink... six pages. well, almost on schedule, come to think of it! but it can be done, why not. inking is generally more fun, and i've been managing to sit down every day lately, which is a big step.

March 26, 2007

neverending story....boards

if they keep calling me this often, i'll get spoiled. this month there's been enough of these that next month i'll be able to buy a new computer! whee! easy work, usually not much required (people often tell me that i'm trying too hard on them, in fact), and a good way to start the workday.

dog eat dog

done a couple days ago, when we had a drawing night in the studio. this was the last thing i did, around 5 am, a bit of random fun. sorry for the microscopic text. also, the whole joke won't mean much to you if you've never read sergio bonelli comics, but here's a translation anyway (all the misspellings are on purpose):
1) "Oh! You readin' some kind of a comic book? Is it Dilan Dog?" -"Huh?"
2) "No." -"But it says 'Dilan Dog'" -"So?" -"And there's him there!" -"..."
3) "What's going on here?" -"Well, she says she's not reading Dilan Dog, but I think she is."
4) "I know what Dilan Dog looks like! Let me see-"
5) "..."
6) "Yes, that's Dilan Dog."
7) "..."
8) "Why won't she say? I mean, it says it's Dilan Dog, and we can see. Strange!" -"Yep."
9) "..."
11) "..."
12) "Oh, nothing, Dilan Dog sucks! I read Zagor!" -"Me too, hahah!"
(and again, before someone comments that it's spelled Dylan, not Dilan- i know.)

gotta go draw storyboards now. they seem to call me every other day now. not complaining, though. easy money.

March 25, 2007

fur brigade

sam hiti's having an another fist-a-cuffs event , and this time, it's a tag-team tournament. so i teamed up with the wonderful matt forsythe. he did "bandit the dog", i did "agent orange", and incidentally, they both have dog-tags!

soundtrack: pink floyd - meddle / wish you were here

March 24, 2007

another day, another dollar

more random work today. here's some before i have to destroy it in photoshop. i had to emphasize the foot on the first one, so he looks all disproportionate. but had fun with the brush.

soundtrack: modest mouse - the moon and antartica reading: hayao miyazaki - nausicaa

March 23, 2007


a lot of stuff happened past few days, and now that i managed to wind down a bit i see how tired i am, and also how drippy my nose is. above is the finished strip, you can click it to enlarge. needs no translation. below are some of the boards i did last night and this morning. luckily, most of them didn't need background, no color, and mostly just people talking. so it went fast. did 72 of them, whee. i'll go sit a bit now, maybe watch a movie, then forge onward. it's been exhausting, rushing around, but it also feels good. getting things done.

soundtrack: smashing pumpkins - gish / adore reading: joann sfar - vampire loves

March 22, 2007

fun times tired times

i did two of these strips this afternoon, and it was very very fun. probably because i know why and how i want to do it, and it's quite relaxing. two today, two tomorrow, hopefully. i still have to do 28 of these today:
(observe the tight pencils) 28 of these before sleep, and 30 or 40 in the morning. tough! but will pay the rent and the rest of akira books, and nausicaa too. so gotta go ink these blue things now. cheers.

March 20, 2007

man vs. brain

...or "how random doodles make a story".
gun: "hands up, motherfucker!"
new guy: "huh? a floating gun?... how do you reload?"
gun: "i got floating bullets, hah! here, boys!"
bullets: "hoorah!"
(gun: "anyhow, i said -hands up!-"
gun: "don't make me repeat myself!"
new guy (raises hands, rolls eyes): "ok, sure. so, what do you want?"
gun: "got any money?"
new guy: "about... two dollars. but how are you going to carry it?"
gun (thinks): "got a point there... "
gun: "but i have a -gun-point-! ahah! right, boys?"
bullets: "hoorah!"
gun (pokes at new guy's eye): "now then! got any -floating- things?"
new guy: "no."
gun: "-dang!-"
gun: "..."
new guy: "..."

might of the living dead

when the writer gives you five pages of just people talking, the best thing to do is to toss in some lesbians, or a robot fight. no, seriously. they don't mind.

soundtrack: opeth - ghost of perdition

March 19, 2007

go darkness

way too tired for some time now, can't figure out why. meh. also, way too much caffeine in me this morning, fingers feel like shaky bananas, not too good for working with a brush. anyway, now to do some storyboads.

soundtrack: chroma key - you go now

March 15, 2007


not an actual story panel, just something from the sketchbook. trying out something re lettering and stuff. also, recently i've had a growing affection for square and vertical panels- probably because of the trend of "widescreen" comics and whatnot. sure, there are uses for wide panels, but it's probably ending up overused.

soundtrack: cradle of filth - midian reading: michael ende - neverending story

from the little black book

March 14, 2007

mertzbau v

the ugliest truck around - mertzbau v... one of the sketches for the next episode of port silver. five pages, whee! these were sketched fast and carefree... very fun indeed.

soundtrack: joe hisaishi - my neighbor totoro reading: michael ende - neverending story

March 13, 2007

ungodly a.m.

up again at 4, so i'm drawing and looking at some noel sickles' stuff. three more hours until school. i might try and finish this page before that, that would be awesome.

March 11, 2007

yellow gloves

more of that guy. for those who can't read croatian, he's shaving while the spaceship is landing. i'm having fun already.

soundtrack: kaoru wada - samurai 7

mighty random

something i probably won't ever use, some sketches of a character for one of the things i'm doing, and a random girl, from ref.

soundtrack: orphaned land - mabool reading: alan moore & jh williams III - promethea vol 2

March 08, 2007


woke up at 4 again, but refused to get up until around 7:30. at least i got a lot of stuff done. and when i was just about to head out, got a call to do some quick boards. done, and off to school now.

soundtrack: office of strategic influence - osi reading: paul pope - escapo

March 07, 2007

more of the different

this was one of those occasions that happens once or twice per semester when we don't have any paper to draw on (dirty shame!) at nude drawing classes, so we actually end up doing something animators should be doing every day. today we were told to make the model into a cartoon character. it was very fun, although everyone seems to have just started doing the good stuff right about the time the class was over. so it goes. also i'm incredibly tired for no reason at all. off to sleepbed.

soundtrack: ulver - themes to william blake's marriage of heaven & hell reading: paul pope - escapo

p.s. i sorted the pics chronologically as i did them (i think), and also will be inking them and some more with a brush sometime soon.

March 04, 2007

24-hour comic book day

we had a 24 hour comic book yesterday, first time in croatia i think. we all wanted to do it sometime and we decided now's as good time as ever- so stipo, jusuf, me and david (from left to right, pic above) gave it a try at my place. we started around 4pm on saturday, with picking a topic from a hat. it seemed like a good idea- each wrote two words on a piece of paper and we mixed them up and pulled out "tree trunk" and "virus". the words were so inspiring that it took us a couple of hours to start drawing (i started around 6pm). stipo started first, you can see him drawing the first trippy page below-

i started on the wrong foot, already sleepy and not very in the drawing mood so the first couple of pages rather sucked. also, i decided to do three widescreen panels per page, which is kind of fast, but in the end not so much to my taste. however, a couple of panels from those pages that i like-

around seven or so we took a break (the only one, which sounds hardworking but actually isn't good) to eat some pizza and pancakes, which my gf made. even the cat got one-

then we trudged on. around midnight or so, maybe around 1am, seems everyone hit their stride. david finally settled on a story, after starting over three times, and i certainly got in a better mood. i changed the page layout to 6 square panels and immediately that made a huge difference. note for next time. here's the splash page from mine, with photoshop grays since i didn't get to add them on the physical page-

so we pretty much rolled forward until 6 or 7 am, when the fatigue started to work its way. there was much less talk and laugh. around 8 i gave up on mine. i could have finished it, since i had around 8 pages to ink and 8 or so hours left, but i was gripping the pencil and pens like an idiot so my hand started hurting. after lettering all the pages i had to stop. must learn how to ease up on it, and also to take breaks! david also gave up, but he could've probably finished it as well, since he's fast at it. jusuf fell asleep on the desk, but the pages he did are hilarious. only stipo marched on, and around 3pm he finished it, therefore becoming the first in croatia to succesfully finish a 24-hour comic book. it's history! (below: the official pen-sniffer, just to be on the safe side)

since i gave up a batch of pages remained uninked so here's a some of them. pages 13,14 and 17 i think. these are the first with the 6-panel grid and my favs. less action, but they look more like a comic book.

general thoughts on the whole experience - awesome! definitely something to do again. so next weekend were doing a "light" version of it, 12 hours - 12 pages, at david's place. we're doing a 24-hour one sometime soon, though, now that we've seen how it goes and how to approach it. i personally found the hardest part to be fittting the story in 24 pages. i sketched out mine, trying to compress it, and it was only 17 or 18 pages. so i had to stretch at a few parts. the drawing part i didn't find all that tough, although next time i'm not drawing any forests or such stuff. talking heads forever.

it's 9pm, i just got up, so i think i'll go eat something and grab a drink. and then maybe draw a bit. cheers!