December 21, 2007


miniature sketches to use in future port silver or mono johnson stories... good for exploring different things...

December 20, 2007


did this a while ago, forgot to post. a pun on bob's shoder character from mister macak magazine =)

bom bom

how about some doodles? actually, the second one is a storyboard frame. started doodling in the morning again, before real work, as warmup. it works. duh.

December 19, 2007

kind of blue

for some reason, i keep getting these portrait assignments, even though it's not really one of my strong points. however, it's good- at least it's making me learn stuff. most of it was done with a brush, and an old one as well- only after totally destroying the girl did i think "maybe it's not me, might be that the brush is finished". hence no girl on the closeup below:

the rough i sent, a scribble, just to get the idea across. the original is probably smaller than on your screen:

pencils (the faces were drawn separately, just for safety):

and a closeup without color, since i like some of the strokes here =)

December 18, 2007

hee hee

disgustingly happy together, yes =)

on schedule

feels good getting to work in the morning. since it's usually smaller jobs, they are good for warmup. also, a bunch of manga is downloading while i'm drawing =)

December 12, 2007


not even close yet. though, working lighter seems to make for better end result in print.

i scanned the pencils this time so here they are with the raw scan of the gouache pic. since i finish it in photoshop, i do these first steps really sloppy, as i know i'll stretch/squash/move stuff around. the colors i use now are way too crappy, but when i get some proper ones i'll try to pretty much finalize it on the paper. right now i just put some color to have something to work from, and it adds a bit, with the brushstrokes and all. here's a detail i like-

three out of four. i'll be inking the rest of the day...


one thing crossed off the list for today. four to go.

December 10, 2007

ink silver

did the pencils for this months ago, strange inking them now, as usual. but the good part is they actually look better ink. i'd say that's good! i'll post a couple of pages when it's done (soon!).

p.s. danijel zezelj is serializing his whole Rex comic album online, new page every wednesday (28 pages so far). click the banner to see it-

December 04, 2007

more scribbles

it's been a slow week, weekend being the low point. time to get back to proper work. i can feel the sanity coming back.