August 28, 2007

no rush

sketching a bit for a one-page comic, relaxing. the faber-castell brush pens are cheap and a good replacement for regular markers when it comes to sketching, but i still prefer the pentel ones, or the good old w&n brush.

August 27, 2007


a bunch of tiny ships for a story i'm working on, drawn while riding around town...

August 21, 2007


going through the three steps fast hour by hour, but it still piles up. this post's for people who don't know what goes into these- no, it's not all photoshop, no, you can't really skip the drawing part, even in the throwaway stuff:
now that i look at it, that woman looks broken in a modigliani way. but as you learn doing hundreds of these- noone will fuss about something like that, especially if you have 50 of these to do in a day.

bed, sleep, eat.

August 15, 2007

August 11, 2007


click the pic below to enlarge to legible size-

found this the other day, made me laugh. it's a bit hard to read, and it's also in croatian so here's a translation:
1) didn't draw today at all!
2) of course, i realize it at 2am, when it's already too late!
3) can't even hold the pencil!
4) the plan was to make a short comic about things that happened today, but really need some sleep. comic tomorrow! goodnight!

August 08, 2007

pays the rent

took a million cigarettes and about 9 episodes of heroes... now off to shower and eat and be happy.

August 01, 2007


the interview we gave regarding this is out today, in Nacional. turned out ok, i guess, with a bit of misquoting (such as that i colored the Outlaw Nation series-- actually, just helped with coloring the cover of the black & white paperback). thanks to d. for the scans! =)

p.s. the whole text in croatian here