April 27, 2009

dark reign - cabal

an 8-page short i penciled, inked and colored, in this well-hidden preview on comic book resources. out this wednesday!
(for the people in croatia- some of the original pages might be up on display at MaFest)


Declan Shalvey said...

Looks great. Really like the blacked-out floor with the rug to break up the solid black in panel 2. Really like how you coloured it too; nice and subtle.

Congratulations; i'll definitely pick it up.

Škrky said...

The info about Villarrubia doing the color on this is obviously wrong then?

tonci said...

thanks declan!

škrky: he was supposed to color it, but he didn't. the in-story credits have me as the colorist.

Filip said...