July 10, 2008

thursday again

that means another portrait (34 weeks and counting) :

this time i was even asked to do sketches, but they dropped the person in the end; too much was milked out of that story already, i guess:


Rico said...

Jel ovo oni novi mister dop?
Ona gori je ona saborska protupederska zastupnica, kaj ne?

dzuka said...

protupederska!!! koji dobar opis! : )
je, marijana petir je. iako mi se na prvi pogled ucinilo da je uljepsana djurdja adlesic.
nego, stvarno, koji maneken ispod?

Rico said...

valjda je to novi mister hr Diler Dop?

Anonymous said...


I would like to come in contact with you for a 10 drawing storyboard.

Could you please contact me?

Colin $##$%^ @ %^*%&^* businesstower.com

(the %^&*% are for the spambots)