March 19, 2008


the immortal iron fist #13 is out today- i did 13 pages in the issue. you can find previews via google, or click here. of course, it's the first three clumsy pages. the deadline was tight but i'm generally happy with it, i'd say. here's a page from later on in the issue, colors by mr. matt hollingsworth:

currently working on issue 14, i'm drawing most of the book- 30 pages! not much time to slack off, even though i'm only pencilling (stefano gaudiano, of gotham central and daredevil fame is inking) trying to add new things, and having fun.


Killah Mate said...

Fuckin' aye!

miljenko said...

Whoa! Big break!

Frano said...

Čo`eče, prvo pa muško.
Ne daj da te zatupe ameri.

Rumble Bum said...

Evo, ja kazem sto i Frano, osim pusa:)
Bravo, a ovo je tek pocetak!

Domigorgon said...

Congrats! Svaka čast. :)

gigi said...

Pridružujem se čestitkama.
I nije baš neko iznenađenje :)