February 24, 2007

sticky eyes

just started inking this morning doodle but gotta jet. maybe i finish it later today. got up at 5:48 am again. beuh.

soundtrack: jose gonzalez - veneer reading: woody allen on woody allen

February 23, 2007

dry black

a doodle for a school-related thing i should finally sit down finish but somehow can't. but i'll have to in the next two days. in other news, i poked at the blog css a bit, so i fancified a few things. invisible things, but it's better now. it's been over a year now and my fingers are itchy for a revamp so these tiny changes tide me over until i come up with the new header and maybe layout changes.

soundtrack: none. silence rocks. reading: paul pope - 100%


i have no idea where this came from. this is for the same magazine that i'm doing that strip for. the cartoony style also puzzles me a bit, but i guess i just want it to look good when reduced, as it probably will be. therefore i think seth, or brunetti, or dunno. simple, clear. the colors are pretty much a happy accident, turned out very retro. up there are two of my faves, but there's a couple more that i'm happy with. it's getting increasingly hard to do these, hard to come up with new things, as there's millions of horoscopes around, and i myself have done three or four so far. here's the whole thing:

it's been a long day today, got up at six thirty so spent the morning watching movies. should've worked perhaps, but i'm not much of a morning person. so i saw 8 and a half, which is awesome, and double indemnity, which is also quite good. started watching woody allen's zelig, but stopped around half to try and do some work. in the end i only ended up finishing this and a bit of writing.

soundtrack: jose gonzalez - veneer reading: woody allen on woody allen

February 20, 2007

back at it

another panel (4?) - a tremendous one from scorchy smith, by noel sickles. and for something completely different, some sketches for a horoscope i have to do, done while watching tenacious d and the pick of destiny. the scanner did a good job of killing the colors, meh.

soundtrack: various artists - the singles soundtrack reading: woody allen on woody allen

February 19, 2007


it wouldn't be me if i didn't have to get up at 3am to try out an inking thing. but yet another step towards more realistic, yet looser way of drawing, yay. now to apply this to a whole page, that would be another step.

soundtrack: blur - 13

February 18, 2007

pig bird

something i did for a thing over on sam hiti's blog-

i'm better, but still feel like recycled shit. the head and the back pains are normal, but the indifference and depression sucks. maybe drawing will help.

godspeed you black emperor - f#a#oo

February 14, 2007


this one was like an hour-long phone doodle. still sick. ARG.

soundtrack: yo la tengo - summer sun

i drawr

i suck at these and don't like em generally, so, obviously, had to do some. still ill.

February 12, 2007

why so blue

sick as a dog, so no new stuff. here's an acrylic doodle from few weeks back. chaotic, since i tried out thirty different things on it. it's the second thing i did in acrylics i think... the first one being a self-portrait few years back. it's probably still online somewhere, i should try and find it. anyhoo:

soundtrack: none. pummelling head sounds.

February 10, 2007

drawing people drawing people

mcn drawing jusuf, jusuf drawing mcn, me drawing both of them. studio!

soundtrack: george gershwin - gershwin plays gershwin reading: osamu tezuka - ode to kirihito

February 07, 2007

pen pen

a paul pope three-pager online here. it's an excerpt from his pulphope book, which, according to amazon, is available since november. but actually it's coming out spring-summer (hopefully).

back to inking the second page. the pic up there is a loose doodle from last night. looks better than this whole page.

soundtrack: kaoru wada - samurai 7 soundtrack


zipatones will help, but it's just way too much of everything, except sense and clarity. ugh. i better get to bed and think about this tomorrow.

February 06, 2007

some like it rough

after the tight stuff, rough stuff - a couple of sketches for a commission:

soundtrack: king crimson - red

February 03, 2007

yes, blue letters.

this is starting to feel like an exercise in procrastination, therefore i'll have to finish it within the next couple of day. also a tricky one to post without spoiling, since it's only two pages. anyhoo, more stuffs tomorrow. or today, dunno what time it is.

p.s. they picked it up! the strip from the post below. that's good news. if anyone liked it, i'll be doing at least three more before publication. first one should be in distribution around the end of february, i'll post more info then.

soundtrack: swiss internet radio - radiocrazy jazz reading: paul gravett - manga