December 12, 2007


not even close yet. though, working lighter seems to make for better end result in print.

i scanned the pencils this time so here they are with the raw scan of the gouache pic. since i finish it in photoshop, i do these first steps really sloppy, as i know i'll stretch/squash/move stuff around. the colors i use now are way too crappy, but when i get some proper ones i'll try to pretty much finalize it on the paper. right now i just put some color to have something to work from, and it adds a bit, with the brushstrokes and all. here's a detail i like-

three out of four. i'll be inking the rest of the day...


Frano said...

Meni je i onaj dio bez fotošopa izvrstan.

miljenko said...

Fora Rupel:). Meni je i olovka super, vidi se da si brzo uhvatio sličnost.