December 19, 2007

kind of blue

for some reason, i keep getting these portrait assignments, even though it's not really one of my strong points. however, it's good- at least it's making me learn stuff. most of it was done with a brush, and an old one as well- only after totally destroying the girl did i think "maybe it's not me, might be that the brush is finished". hence no girl on the closeup below:

the rough i sent, a scribble, just to get the idea across. the original is probably smaller than on your screen:

pencils (the faces were drawn separately, just for safety):

and a closeup without color, since i like some of the strokes here =)


mcn said...

Nakon 100 god pazzljivog promatranja: Seve, Sinatra i Churlich?


Skicoslav said...

Fenomenalan kolor. Jako mi se svidja. Jako.
Nemam pojma zasto.