November 29, 2007


tried doing this one lighter to make up for the damage they'll do when they print it. also repainted most of it in photoshop, zoomed out (around 25%). glad to be done with this guy. now a couple of minor things to finish and i'll take the rest of the crappy day for reading.

p.s. saw richard kelly's southland tales- sure it's impossible to follow up something like donnie darko, but this one's a major blank. such a shame. could've been a nice spectacular end-of-the-world epic. feh.

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schunnin said...

Zaista si vidno napredovao od vremena na conceptartu, pravo je zadovoljstvo pratiti tvoj blog i svedociti o pravoj posvecenosti i trudu koji ulazes u to sto volis.
Sve najbolje i na dalje - i sa srecom!