July 09, 2007


went to this robert franges mihanovic exhibition today. sketched a bit on the run (i already posted some sketches of his stuff last year). love that guy. it's enough to see how he approaches hands to see the genius. today was the last day of the show at klovicevi dvori, but they have a lot of his stuff at gliptoteka. if you're in zagreb, croatia, check it out, it's quite worth it.

p.s. the blue three-armed girl was one of the students watching over the show. she wasn't blue in real life.


Adam said...

Hi, just been looking at youreyeball blog after hopping over from Fist-a-cuffs. Kid Voodoo did well, you should be chuffed.
You've got some very nice work here and I really like that your title image is simply an eye. Brilliant.

miljenko said...

meni se jako sviđa kroki gdje djevojcina lijeva ruka je prvo na koljenu, a potom njome podbočuje svoju glavu. I jedan i drugi prikaz ruke si zadržao u crtežu pa je na kraju ispalo skroz interesantno :).