June 10, 2007

memem mem

you can tell i'm working by now, hah. did around 25 pages of sketches, page layouts and doodles today, and the story's broken down for the most part now. gotta try and make some things a bit more elegant, but basically, i could start destroying some bristol now. need to go out and buy some, though, since i used them all up for those cutesy strips and other random stuff.

some things turned out so-so, some aren't as good as i want it to be, but there's been a couple of surprises. the main idea is to do the best i can in a reasonable amount of time, still. just trying to draw it as i would in a sketchbook. sort of.

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miljenko said...

Jako mi se sviđa kadar tramvajske (?) stanice, tj. usporedba skice i crteža u olovci. Vrlo filmski.