May 11, 2007

not dead yet

stuff i finished more than a month ago will soon be published. it's hard to relate to it all, seems like a million years ago.


Grant Alexander said...

I was looking through my copy of the "Dear John" Toth doodle book and I thought suddenly, "...I remember this guy on C.A. he loved Toth...what was his name? and a "lungbug" search later, I found your blog. Great to see you are still alive and doing great!

The earlier post about people liking your old stuff was great. I've gotten similar flack from peers. But I'm tired of mindless concept art. It's funny how people equate rendering with good art.

Anyways, I'll be checking in. It's great to see Toth spilling over you.

Matthew Forsythe said...

can i buy this book online somewhere?

Guy said...

hey tonci, i just wanted to let you know you've always been a huge inspiration to me. you're sketchbook on CA always made me strive to work harder. you really know what you're doing and love doing it, and you have such a range of work. its really great to see someone so young that really cares about what they do. thanks man keep on drawing.