April 11, 2007

coma drawing

someone did photos of some of our nude drawings here at school, so here's a quick one. hahahah.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Tonci. Really like the subtle yet poerful strokes in this one. One crit, the right hand looks weird. I know it has more light falling on it but it still looks weird because the hand is not dimensional. Now maybe the picture is bad or maybe i'm just blind so take that with a bucket of salt.

I also needed some advice (again). I understand that you did not have figuredrawing available to you earlier in your career. How did you get around this? I do gestures of people at the coffee shop everyday and that helps and all but I thought it wouldn't hurt to get your opinion on things. So did you do long studies of nude photos or what? Sorry if you've already answered that question but I don't really want to go through your sketchbook thread. As much inspiration as I get from there, the questions people ask tick me off. Anyways, that's another story...love to hear what you have to say. Peace!