March 15, 2007


not an actual story panel, just something from the sketchbook. trying out something re lettering and stuff. also, recently i've had a growing affection for square and vertical panels- probably because of the trend of "widescreen" comics and whatnot. sure, there are uses for wide panels, but it's probably ending up overused.

soundtrack: cradle of filth - midian reading: michael ende - neverending story


hrvoje said...


Justin said...

So you draw all this stuff from your head now, right?

Looking back at your sketchbook work (again), it is interesting to me that you moved twoards comics. Just curious about why that is? (if you have time, email is justinoaksford[at]

Thanks Tonci :3

Anonymous said...

Aye mate! Sweet stuff you going here. Each page has personality even though you might not notice it. It's as though if you try to add personality to a drawing, you don't seem to get it but when you don't it comes with ease! Anyways,want some advice from you. I'm currently always drawing and painting from life....but I recently got me an anatomy book (Loomis). And I was wondering, how would you go about doing it? Drawing through the book ain't helping me so mmuch. Anyways, don't think no one's looking at your stuff as i'm round the block once a week. Keep it up!

Dan said...

I'm really digging your blog!
I got lucky when my Sledgehairmer beat out Pig Bird. I did a drawing of the matchup and put it on my blog. If you're interested, go to



tonci said...

hrvoje: hvala! =)

justin: thanks, yeah. sent you a mail...

anonymous: thanks. even though drawing and painting from life is important, you should do at least the same amount from your head. there's a bunch of people who can do wonderful life drawings but can't draw anything out of their head to save their life. the loomis stuff is something you come back to every couple of years, and always learn something new. books can only get you to a certain point, though, in the end you learn to draw by drawing.

dan: hey, kickass!