March 01, 2007

plus two

since i'm at the scanner- two drawings of the same character (from those comics i've been posting kinda). the left one was done few weeks back, and the right one on the last day of the flu. still poking around, but the post-flu one is much more in the direction i want to go.

(and for some reason, i did the boobs bigger on the post-flu one. hm.)


miljenko said...

I can't stop looking at those trousers, you made them look so realistic, though with several simple brushstrokes. Admirable.

Justin said...

Holy Awesome. I like this character :D

(I'm from the Conceptart forums btw)
I have to admit, I enjoy looking through your sketchbook stuff alot more than some of the stuff posted here, but there is still totally awesome stuff here. =)