March 20, 2007

man vs. brain

...or "how random doodles make a story".
gun: "hands up, motherfucker!"
new guy: "huh? a floating gun?... how do you reload?"
gun: "i got floating bullets, hah! here, boys!"
bullets: "hoorah!"
(gun: "anyhow, i said -hands up!-"
gun: "don't make me repeat myself!"
new guy (raises hands, rolls eyes): "ok, sure. so, what do you want?"
gun: "got any money?"
new guy: "about... two dollars. but how are you going to carry it?"
gun (thinks): "got a point there... "
gun: "but i have a -gun-point-! ahah! right, boys?"
bullets: "hoorah!"
gun (pokes at new guy's eye): "now then! got any -floating- things?"
new guy: "no."
gun: "-dang!-"
gun: "..."
new guy: "..."


dzuka said...

strgo sam se od smjeha!!! : )))

hrvoje said...


Anonymous said...

ultra-lol! keep it up!