March 22, 2007

fun times tired times

i did two of these strips this afternoon, and it was very very fun. probably because i know why and how i want to do it, and it's quite relaxing. two today, two tomorrow, hopefully. i still have to do 28 of these today:
(observe the tight pencils) 28 of these before sleep, and 30 or 40 in the morning. tough! but will pay the rent and the rest of akira books, and nausicaa too. so gotta go ink these blue things now. cheers.


Anonymous said...

Looking froward to seeing all them soon.

Also, about your strips, it would be appreciated if you could just indicate what they mean in English as sometimes it's hard to guess.

Also, thanks for the advice. I'm gonna start sketching more from my head as well as from life.

Anonymous said...

Oops!Didn't even see the one underneath!

miljenko said...

Wow, you're truly fast!