March 04, 2007

24-hour comic book day

we had a 24 hour comic book yesterday, first time in croatia i think. we all wanted to do it sometime and we decided now's as good time as ever- so stipo, jusuf, me and david (from left to right, pic above) gave it a try at my place. we started around 4pm on saturday, with picking a topic from a hat. it seemed like a good idea- each wrote two words on a piece of paper and we mixed them up and pulled out "tree trunk" and "virus". the words were so inspiring that it took us a couple of hours to start drawing (i started around 6pm). stipo started first, you can see him drawing the first trippy page below-

i started on the wrong foot, already sleepy and not very in the drawing mood so the first couple of pages rather sucked. also, i decided to do three widescreen panels per page, which is kind of fast, but in the end not so much to my taste. however, a couple of panels from those pages that i like-

around seven or so we took a break (the only one, which sounds hardworking but actually isn't good) to eat some pizza and pancakes, which my gf made. even the cat got one-

then we trudged on. around midnight or so, maybe around 1am, seems everyone hit their stride. david finally settled on a story, after starting over three times, and i certainly got in a better mood. i changed the page layout to 6 square panels and immediately that made a huge difference. note for next time. here's the splash page from mine, with photoshop grays since i didn't get to add them on the physical page-

so we pretty much rolled forward until 6 or 7 am, when the fatigue started to work its way. there was much less talk and laugh. around 8 i gave up on mine. i could have finished it, since i had around 8 pages to ink and 8 or so hours left, but i was gripping the pencil and pens like an idiot so my hand started hurting. after lettering all the pages i had to stop. must learn how to ease up on it, and also to take breaks! david also gave up, but he could've probably finished it as well, since he's fast at it. jusuf fell asleep on the desk, but the pages he did are hilarious. only stipo marched on, and around 3pm he finished it, therefore becoming the first in croatia to succesfully finish a 24-hour comic book. it's history! (below: the official pen-sniffer, just to be on the safe side)

since i gave up a batch of pages remained uninked so here's a some of them. pages 13,14 and 17 i think. these are the first with the 6-panel grid and my favs. less action, but they look more like a comic book.

general thoughts on the whole experience - awesome! definitely something to do again. so next weekend were doing a "light" version of it, 12 hours - 12 pages, at david's place. we're doing a 24-hour one sometime soon, though, now that we've seen how it goes and how to approach it. i personally found the hardest part to be fittting the story in 24 pages. i sketched out mine, trying to compress it, and it was only 17 or 18 pages. so i had to stretch at a few parts. the drawing part i didn't find all that tough, although next time i'm not drawing any forests or such stuff. talking heads forever.

it's 9pm, i just got up, so i think i'll go eat something and grab a drink. and then maybe draw a bit. cheers!


dzuka said...

bravo, momci! to je mladost! : )

Nat said...

Yay! Way to take the channel.

24 Hour Comics Day, the big international event is October 20th this year. You folks should put together an official event site.

tonci said...

thanks for the linkup, nat! we'll be definitely doing the october 20th one, and maybe one or to more before that.

jake said...

Great idea dude. Great work all of you, really solid stuff!

miljenko said...

tbat makes it one whole page per hour?? And it looks pretty good, too. You're great, Tonch. Better get some rest :)