February 24, 2007

sticky eyes

just started inking this morning doodle but gotta jet. maybe i finish it later today. got up at 5:48 am again. beuh.

soundtrack: jose gonzalez - veneer reading: woody allen on woody allen


jake said...

Your inking is pretty much perfect every time. So clean and nice.

Matthew Forsythe said...

or just leave it.

looks fantastic.

Rain-drop said...

oh my! Your inking is exquisite. Like another person said, very clean. Everything pops out so much more with inking. But as the sketch this is also great.

I hope you finish this someday, it's a lovely piece. Just looking at it makes me feel more relaxed.

alberto mielgo said...

I saw your work in Pop Gun 3. It´s superb.
I like your stuff very much.

All my respect and admiration.

tonci said...

hey alberto- thanks! i could say the very same thing for you, knocked me off my feet.