February 23, 2007


i have no idea where this came from. this is for the same magazine that i'm doing that strip for. the cartoony style also puzzles me a bit, but i guess i just want it to look good when reduced, as it probably will be. therefore i think seth, or brunetti, or dunno. simple, clear. the colors are pretty much a happy accident, turned out very retro. up there are two of my faves, but there's a couple more that i'm happy with. it's getting increasingly hard to do these, hard to come up with new things, as there's millions of horoscopes around, and i myself have done three or four so far. here's the whole thing:

it's been a long day today, got up at six thirty so spent the morning watching movies. should've worked perhaps, but i'm not much of a morning person. so i saw 8 and a half, which is awesome, and double indemnity, which is also quite good. started watching woody allen's zelig, but stopped around half to try and do some work. in the end i only ended up finishing this and a bit of writing.

soundtrack: jose gonzalez - veneer reading: woody allen on woody allen

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jake said...

Looking nice man. Nice and simple, and pretty much shows the essentials.