February 23, 2007

dry black

a doodle for a school-related thing i should finally sit down finish but somehow can't. but i'll have to in the next two days. in other news, i poked at the blog css a bit, so i fancified a few things. invisible things, but it's better now. it's been over a year now and my fingers are itchy for a revamp so these tiny changes tide me over until i come up with the new header and maybe layout changes.

soundtrack: none. silence rocks. reading: paul pope - 100%


miljenko said...
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miljenko said...

Just love those old trams, wanted to do one of them by myself. Great job!

Dela said...

Zaboravio sam kud ide sesnaestica .
Predugo sam ovdje.
Nice rough , I really dig the dry brush texture.Cheers.