January 31, 2007

no way they'll pick this up

something got done, and not at the last possible moment, too. click to see all:

it's 6:30 am and i'm done (did some other things inbetween, though). this is about completely opposite of what they asked me to do, but this is the way i'd do it. at worst. maybe simplify more, like early peanuts or something. dunno, now that i look at it, it looks like illos for kids and it's all-around stealing (bits of this and bits of that), but i like it, and my gf likes it, and that's good enough for now.

(edit: made the first pic clickable)

soundtrack: explosions in the sky - how strange, innocence

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kakav skener koristite: nesto jaaaako dobro ili...
daj nabaci tehnikalije!
htio bih si kupit nes da mogu skenirat isto crteze, al neam opet previse para...
gledam sad na vemilovoj stranici ove za 300 i nes kuna?
jel vrijedi to sta?, je se isplati uopce kupit?

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Brzina skeniranja Brzina pregleda: otprilike 16 sekundi
Brzina skeniranja - u boji: 16 msek/red (600 dpi); 32 msek/red (1200 dpi)
Brzina skeniranja - sivi tonovi: 5.3 msek/red (600 dpi); 10.6 msek/red (1200 dpi)
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