January 08, 2007

doing life

i really really wanted the first post to be a comic page, even wrote some stuff, but didn't draw it yet. slow, stupid or just lazy, pick one. today, though, i woke up after 4 hours of sleep (again) and couldn't go back to sleep. felt like roadkill so i skipped school and doodled some. when i'm tired and sleepy i usually draw women, as i did today. found a link with nudie photos while cleaning the favorites folder (who ever does that?) and instead of saving them on the hard drive and forgetting them as usual, i figured i'll draw them (in straight marker, yay). it was a good call, and i think you'll agree. here's some:

and i scanned these- last night i was "reading" (it's in french) hannibal cinq, written by jodorowsky, drawn by georges bess. he's a recent discovery for me, and there's a bunch of stuff i'll steal from him. in hannibal cinq he's kinda moebius-ish according to some people, but who cares. the art is nice, clean and the figures are solid so i copy some every now and then:

a lenghty post, it's a good sign! this will be a good year. dun dun dun.

soundtrack: chroma key - dead air for radios reading: mark twain - the adventures of huckleberry finn


Maxetormer said...

Its funny to see how little structure
you use now a days, all that practice
earlier on its paying off now aint?

I always have treat by seeing
your pencil and linework applied to
almost pure anatomy, as I learn
new tricks and ideas to simplify the
figure, you never know what you might
learn while seeing other ppls

tonci said...

thanks max. nowadays i just don't obsess over it as much as before. but since my eyes and brain work better, i still learn a lot. also, looking at klimt's drawings made me try this approach.

tigermilk said...

dude.. these are fucking incredible. cool to see some bit more realistic stuff again, altough I love your comics. :)