December 09, 2006

post #100... but not really.

it's more around post #120, since the blog crashed some time ago and i had to copy all posts into one... but it's some kind of an anniversary. i think it's also around two years now.

soundtrack: blur - parklife


the chrushed one said...

nice colours
bet you did them in no more then 12 minutes :)
pelican je stvarno dobro ispao, ne znam jesam ti to rekla uopće.
about tonight, since youre done with martin, no olvido tu promiso i no olvido que lo quero!

the chrushed one said...

i tan bien, feliz aniversario
(chanceux anniversaire! :)

Lana said...

dude :D

viđoh ti ovu u ultimate spidermanu & x-menu

odlicno! :D *thumbsup*